(French word for coppersmith - comes from the word Dinant, the name of a Belgian village)
Artistic work using copper, bronze, pewter and silver sheets worked by hand-hammering (shaping).Coppersmithing is a craft that swings between copper boilerworking and silversmithing.

Simon is one of the few rare Artist Coppersmith-Silversmith still practicing this traditional craft in France. He brings this age-old art of metal beaters to our modern world through his contemporary creations. His know-how in Artistic Coppersmith and Silversmith has brought Simon Charbonnier several recognitions including the Prix Régional du Club Dunhill-Pristige in 1998, and the "Grand Prix Régional des Métiers d'Art Aquitaine" in 1997 (tradition)and 2003 (création contemporaine)
"Innovative, incessantly seeking those harmonious curves and counter-curves… 
An astonishing artistic sense at the service of a stunning craftsmanship…."
(Art et Decoration magazine, Nov/Dec 2001 issue)

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