You have always been attracted by the world of fibre arts, you love to create and you wish to explore the weaving world at your own rhythm… This course will help you to materialize your dreams: weaving with high quality natural fibres, create your proper hand-woven cloth, decorate your interiors with your craft and make original creations…   Anything is possible.

5 days module: 30h Price: 310€
week-end module: 15h Price: 220€
  10 days module over 2 weeks: Price: 620€

Making a fabric, preparing the warp, main patterns, sample weavings, 
diverse technique on 4 heddle looms.   

everybody welcome...





You already know how to weave, you are a student in Fine Arts, Textile designing, dressmaking… In this class you will acquire new techniques and strengthen your theory and practise of the craft of weaving: Double weaving, complex patterns, openwork, three-dimensional, tapestries… Content of the class will be adapted to your needs and wishes.

5 days module: 30h Price: 350€
week-end module: 15h Price: 250€
  10 days module over 2 weeks: Price: 700€

Making a fabric, traditional and sectional warping, study of draft, sample weaving, specific techniques (double weave, 4 or more heddle weaving, lace weave, tapestry weaving, computerised approach to draft making)...The content is decided with the student

Advanced people in weaving.





You are attracted by the art of creating woven fabrics, you are looking for work that brings you passion and combine both Art and Know-how. These classes will answer your needs of acquiring different techniques of weaving, of enhancing your practice and creating exceptional fabrics. From the pattern theory to the different steps taken during the “construction” of your fabric, from thinking through the structure of your work to its actual creation, you will plunge into the infinite world of creating hand-woven fabrics.


Course 1
Duration: 300h
Price: 4000€

 Weaving on frames and 4 to 8 heddle looms, draft patterns, history, realizations....


Course 2
: 500h
Price: 6570€


Weaving on frames and 4 to 8 heddle looms, draft patterns, history, realizations. Deepening, approach to the use of computer in draft patterns...

artistic sense, skilful with your hands, 
elementary math level, everybody welcome

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