My weaving workshop lies 
in a typical alley of a superb medieval village 
overlooking the Lot Valley (Penne d'Agenais) I practice the art 
of hand weaving to make unique textile creations. In nearly all civilizations, the need to protect one's body, to fit up one's home and to venerate gods has given rise to the creation of fabrics, from the simplest and the roughest to the most 
sophisticated ones.

Now, this is my turn! In the heart of my looms, 
I weave threads; colourful, sensuous links, unique union of matter, material and time. I create one of kind pieces. My plaids, jackets, capes and ponchos are woven with best wool and mohair, my stoles and scarves are woven with best qualities of rough silk, cotton or linen and also with alpaca, angora, mohair and cashmere. I weave the colours of life, 
mixing materials and colours, to create deep and 
luminous hand-woven fabrics. 

I weave ecru and white to soothe 
the mind, in fluid and silky textures for exceptional weavings.

For a long time, I have been weaving utilitarian fabrics. Now I practice a different form of textile creation: Art weaving for textile sculptures, wall hangings, tapestries mixing patterned 
weaving and Goblin or Aubusson technics. 




Textile creations
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Introduction to Weaving for beginners and hobby. Advanced training for experienced weavers. 
Professional training courses( go to contact )
Demonstrations, promotions, workshops for children and adults on request.

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